Coldplay’s latest song Coloratura surprises everyone!

On Friday Coldplay released their latest song from their new album Music of the Spheres Volume I. There has been nearly unanimous positivity towards the song. Why is Coldplay’s new song Coloratura revolutionary? Coldplay is the most commercially successful band worldwide based on album and single sales. Their latest song, “Coloratura,” has gone back to […]

10 Reasons Coldplay is Still One of the Greatest Rock Bands Ever

Coldplay has been around for over 20 years and in that time, the band has gone through many changes. They have had a member leave and rejoin, started incorporating electronic music into their sound, produced some of the most popular songs of all time – but they are still one of the best rock bands […]

The Exciting Collaboration Between BTS and Coldplay

We all know Korea’s favorite Kpop group, BTS. The best boy band in the world has collaborated with Coldplay and we are so excited!!! This collaboration is something that BTS Army and Coldplayers have been waiting for since 2019! The exciting collaboration between Korea’s most popular boy-band BTS (방탄소년단) and Grammy award winning rock band […]

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