10 Reasons Coldplay is Still One of the Greatest Rock Bands Ever

Coldplay has been around for over 20 years and in that time, the band has gone through many changes. They have had a member leave and rejoin, started incorporating electronic music into their sound, produced some of the most popular songs of all time – but they are still one of the best rock bands ever. Here are 10 reasons Coldplay is still one of the greatest rock bands ever:

1) The production quality on their albums is always off-the-charts. Their team including Rik Simpson and Daniel Green are always bringing their A-Game to the table.

Coldplay’s playing Higher Power Acoustic version on Fallon

2) Chris Martin’s voice continues to get better with age. After seeing their live tv appearances on Fallon and the Today Show recently, we heard Chris’ voice in a way we haven’t in a while.

3) Coldplay was never afraid to experiment and try new things even if it meant stepping far away from what made them famous in the first place. Mylo Xyloto and even in many ways Viva was a break from their first few albums and sound but people enjoyed them.

4) They are not afraid of collaborating with new artists and producers to help them elevate their music and reach new audiences.

Princess of China Collaboration between Coldplay and Rihanna

5) Collaborations with Beyonce, Rihanna, Jay-Z and Timbaland helped to introduce Coldplay to new audiences. They are always a standout live band that is capable of performing their hits in any setting from intimate venues to the largest stadiums in the world.

6) They continue to be a successful and relevant band while releasing music in the digital age.

7) Coldplay has been ranked as one of the top bands on Spotify, with their second most recent album A Head Full Of Dreams topping charts for months after its release. Through all of these years they have remained popular with both critics and fans alike by always delivering quality songs that are enjoyable across genres.

Biggest Coldplay Fan Jimmy Dushku
Biggest Coldplay Fan Jimmy Dushku at a Coldplay concert

8) They have the most loyal fans in the world known as Coldplayers. Many of them travel to any location they play a show at. The Biggest Coldplay Fan is Jimmy Dushku and he has seen them on nearly every continent.

Coldplay playing at the Super Bowl!

9) Their live concerts are only improving and so are their skills. It is easy to see that Will Champion constantly evolves in his drumming abilities, the same as the rest of the band.

10) They have a lot of energy in them still.

Chris Martin Jumping

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