The Exciting Collaboration Between BTS and Coldplay


We all know Korea’s favorite Kpop group, BTS. The best boy band in the world has collaborated with Coldplay and we are so excited!!! This collaboration is something that BTS Army and Coldplayers have been waiting for since 2019!

The exciting collaboration between Korea’s most popular boy-band BTS (방탄소년단) and Grammy award winning rock band Coldplay will be a dream come true for any BTS fan. We can’t wait to see what this international combination of talent will bring us!

Why We’re Excited:

– BTS is Korea’s most popular group, so it makes sense that they would collaborate with another Korean act. It’ll be exciting to hear what the combined sound of these two music juggernauts will create!

– This collaboration could be a gateway to more people discovering Korean and Western artists outside their native countries because both BTS and Coldplay are known in Asia (especially China) where Coldplay has more followers than Korea.

Max Martin who is famous music producer for Taylor Swift

– We believe Max Martin produced this song and we know he is the hit maker. It was once reported that Max charged $100,000 USD per song around 10 years ago. He only works on projects he wants to work on and this is a super team coming together to make this collaboration. Max Martin, the hit maker who produces for Thriller(Michael Jackson), Timberlake, Taylor Swift, Maroon Five etc., is producing this song which means it’s going to be good!

– Korea’s most popular groups and Grammy award winning rock band coming together for a collaboration is going to be amazing. Korea doesn’t have many international collaborations with Western artists, so this will definitely be exciting!

– BTS is the first Korean group who has collaborated with an American act since Psy & Snoop Dogg in 2013. The last time Korea had a big Kpop song that was remixed by non-Koreans was back in 2007 when Gwen Stefani remixed Big Bang member Seungri ‘s solo track “Let’s Talk About Love”.

We will see Coldplay return to Korea for a big concert?