BTS and Coldplay party in Washington D.C.

The internet is going crazy over photos of BTS and Coldplay bowling together in Washington D.C.!

It’s amazing to see how close the two groups have become as friends. We can’t wait to see more pictures from their fun night out! In the photos that first appeared on J-Hope’s Instagram and H.E.R.’s social media accounts, we can see that they all had dinner and played games and bowled.

The boys of BTS seem to be having the time of their lives, and we’re so happy for them! We can’t wait to see more from their friendship!

BTS was in Washington D.C. meeting with President Biden. After their meeting, they stopped by a local bowling alley to have some fun!

The photos show the boys of BTS and Coldplay enjoying each other’s company and having a great time! We’re so happy to see them all together and hope to see more pictures from their friendship in the future!


Coldplay’s latest song Coloratura surprises everyone!

On Friday Coldplay released their latest song from their new album Music of the Spheres Volume I. There has been nearly unanimous positivity towards the song. Why is Coldplay’s new song Coloratura revolutionary?

Coldplay is the most commercially successful band worldwide based on album and single sales. Their latest song, “Coloratura,” has gone back to their classic roots by using deep lyrics and concepts that touch on topics such as love, life, death, and mental health. With such a variety of lyrics covering fundamental aspects of life from an alternative perspective, this instant Coldplay classic sets it apart in the music industry by providing deep meaning but also catchy tunes. The origins of the name “Coloratura” come from a musical term for exaggerated vocal ornamentation used as virtuosity, which also says something about Coldplay’s motivations behind creating this new hit song, making people want to understand it while enjoying every minute listening.

Coldplay have always had a spiritual presence and deep lyrical content to their albums, but they have been coming back to their more instrumental and acoustic roots with the release of Coloratura. The music video is stunning-utilizing CGI for its visuals. This style of visuals and music compliment each other well; it’s intricately done where you can tell Coldplay took the time for every piece. It creates an atmosphere reflective of the album art: colors everywhere. This is different from some of their previous work because more than ever before there is an underlying deeper meaning in the music, much like we saw from their 2019 album Everyday Life.

The reviews of their latest album are good. I’m sure people are looking forward to hearing them on the radio and seeing what Coldplay has in store for us this time around. The album is also getting great reviews from critics who were unable to get into the group’s previous efforts. Not only does this prove that Coldplay isn’t just a one-hit wonder when it comes to music, but also that they have a great sense of teamwork when it comes to making music and putting out an album. They’ve revolutionized their sound and brought in some huge stars such as Korean super group BTS, to round out the performance. They’ve also incorporated new instruments. If you go back and listen to Coldplay’s past albums, you’ll hear an obvious focus on progression.

Chris Martin’s handwritten note announcing new album

Coldplay’s latest album Music of the Spheres is set to release on October 15, 2021. This will be their ninth studio album.


10 Reasons Coldplay is Still One of the Greatest Rock Bands Ever

Coldplay has been around for over 20 years and in that time, the band has gone through many changes. They have had a member leave and rejoin, started incorporating electronic music into their sound, produced some of the most popular songs of all time – but they are still one of the best rock bands ever. Here are 10 reasons Coldplay is still one of the greatest rock bands ever:

1) The production quality on their albums is always off-the-charts. Their team including Rik Simpson and Daniel Green are always bringing their A-Game to the table.

Coldplay’s playing Higher Power Acoustic version on Fallon

2) Chris Martin’s voice continues to get better with age. After seeing their live tv appearances on Fallon and the Today Show recently, we heard Chris’ voice in a way we haven’t in a while.

3) Coldplay was never afraid to experiment and try new things even if it meant stepping far away from what made them famous in the first place. Mylo Xyloto and even in many ways Viva was a break from their first few albums and sound but people enjoyed them.

4) They are not afraid of collaborating with new artists and producers to help them elevate their music and reach new audiences.

Princess of China Collaboration between Coldplay and Rihanna

5) Collaborations with Beyonce, Rihanna, Jay-Z and Timbaland helped to introduce Coldplay to new audiences. They are always a standout live band that is capable of performing their hits in any setting from intimate venues to the largest stadiums in the world.

6) They continue to be a successful and relevant band while releasing music in the digital age.

7) Coldplay has been ranked as one of the top bands on Spotify, with their second most recent album A Head Full Of Dreams topping charts for months after its release. Through all of these years they have remained popular with both critics and fans alike by always delivering quality songs that are enjoyable across genres.

Biggest Coldplay Fan Jimmy Dushku
Biggest Coldplay Fan Jimmy Dushku at a Coldplay concert

8) They have the most loyal fans in the world known as Coldplayers. Many of them travel to any location they play a show at. The Biggest Coldplay Fan is Jimmy Dushku and he has seen them on nearly every continent.

Coldplay playing at the Super Bowl!

9) Their live concerts are only improving and so are their skills. It is easy to see that Will Champion constantly evolves in his drumming abilities, the same as the rest of the band.

10) They have a lot of energy in them still.

Chris Martin Jumping

The Exciting Collaboration Between BTS and Coldplay


We all know Korea’s favorite Kpop group, BTS. The best boy band in the world has collaborated with Coldplay and we are so excited!!! This collaboration is something that BTS Army and Coldplayers have been waiting for since 2019!

The exciting collaboration between Korea’s most popular boy-band BTS (방탄소년단) and Grammy award winning rock band Coldplay will be a dream come true for any BTS fan. We can’t wait to see what this international combination of talent will bring us!

Why We’re Excited:

– BTS is Korea’s most popular group, so it makes sense that they would collaborate with another Korean act. It’ll be exciting to hear what the combined sound of these two music juggernauts will create!

– This collaboration could be a gateway to more people discovering Korean and Western artists outside their native countries because both BTS and Coldplay are known in Asia (especially China) where Coldplay has more followers than Korea.

Max Martin who is famous music producer for Taylor Swift

– We believe Max Martin produced this song and we know he is the hit maker. It was once reported that Max charged $100,000 USD per song around 10 years ago. He only works on projects he wants to work on and this is a super team coming together to make this collaboration. Max Martin, the hit maker who produces for Thriller(Michael Jackson), Timberlake, Taylor Swift, Maroon Five etc., is producing this song which means it’s going to be good!

– Korea’s most popular groups and Grammy award winning rock band coming together for a collaboration is going to be amazing. Korea doesn’t have many international collaborations with Western artists, so this will definitely be exciting!

– BTS is the first Korean group who has collaborated with an American act since Psy & Snoop Dogg in 2013. The last time Korea had a big Kpop song that was remixed by non-Koreans was back in 2007 when Gwen Stefani remixed Big Bang member Seungri ‘s solo track “Let’s Talk About Love”.

We will see Coldplay return to Korea for a big concert?